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Australia - One of the World's Most Popular Holiday Destinations.

In designing this website, the team at GoOzGo was asked what makes Australia so special to them. We hope that their answers below will encourage you to choose Australia for your next Holidays or Vacations and to experience for yourself this wonderful country in the comfort and convenience of a Campervan, Motorhome, RV or 4wd Camper.

"I think Australians take for granted how magnificent and pollution free Australia is. It’s not until you travel overseas, that you fully appreciate Australia’s clean air and blue skies. I remember my first trip out to Alice Springs. As a keen photographer, I was immediately impressed by the clarity of the air. Mountain ranges that were hundreds of kilometres away appeared to be so close. And the vivid colours of the outback are inspirational. To see a stark white gum tree, with a canopy of lush green leaves, standing majestically alone in rich red soil, and contrasting beautifully against an equally red mountain range backdrop, and a deep blue sky; was special to me."

"I’m into Eco Tourism, getting close to nature and experiencing Australia’s abundant and diverse natural attractions, and its unique flora and fauna. Australia has over 500 National Parks, comprising some 25 million hectares. 14 of these areas are World Heritage Listed including the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest, Fraser Island, the Blue Mountains, the Tasmanian Wilderness, Uluru, and Kakadu National Park. I love bushwalking in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and the walk to the breathtakingly beautiful ‘Wineglass Bay’, in north-east Tasmania, is very special."

"I am a bit of an adventure travel person. I love hot air ballooning over Alice Springs; white water rafting on the Tully River out of Cairns; a jet-boat ride in Laguna Bay off Noosa; watching the crocodile feeding at the Irwin’s Australia Zoo; riding camels on Cable Beach - Broome at sunset; but by far the most special and exciting thing I have done in Australia, was to swim beside the world's biggest fish, the docile whale shark on Nigaloo Reef in Western Australia"

"I simply love driving around Australia, taking it easy and listening to my favorite music. For me, it’s special to stop in a quaint country town or village; browse through the antique stores; soak up the history of a town in the local museum; admire and perhaps purchase a work of art from the arts & crafts shop; and then indulge myself with a cup of tea, and scones with fresh cream and jam. Such a town is Bellingen on the mid- north coast of New South Wales."

"Well I love the beach and surfboard riding, so virtually anywhere around the coast of Australia, where there is a good break, is special to me. Having being overseas and tried lying on pebbly beaches surrounded by hundreds of others, I am grateful that I live in a country with hundreds of white sandy beaches along thousands of kilometres of coastline; most of them deserted. It’s hard to pick a favorite because there are so many; however Byron Bay would have to go close."

"I really appreciate the variety and quality of fresh food around Australia; especially seafood. I can think of nothing better than a simple meal of fish ‘n‘ chips, with an icy-cold bottle of Australian Sauvignon Blanc, sitting beside the Noosa River, watching the sunset. There are many wine producing regions in Australia with internationally recognised varieties and award winning wineries. Apart from wine tasting and cellar door sales, many wineries have excellent restaurants, ideal for long and relaxed alfresco lunches. My favorite region is Margaret River in Western Australia."

"I find Australian Aboriginal culture, their mythology and their art fascinating and special. The World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park is of great significance to the Aboriginal people as they believe it was created by their ancestors. It is believed that the Aboriginal people have lived in Kakadu continuously for at least 50,000 years. There are places in the park where you feel this 'spirit'. Walking around the base of Nourlangie Rock can be quite eerie. It's like walking into an empty cathedral. At the end of the walk is the most staggering cave paintings believed to be amongst the oldest rock paintings in the world. Uluru is another place of great significance to the Aboriginal people. Regarded as one of the 'Natural Wonders of the World', this massive monolith stands, majestically, 348 metres high. Any wonder that it is considered a sacred site by its indigenous land owners and a special place to visit, especially at sunrise and sunset when the rock becomes a blood red colour."

"I think it’s wonderful to meet so many friendly Australians, traveling around Australia in their Campervans, Motorhomes, RV's and 4wd Campers. You can meet some very special people on this style of holiday. It’s special to make new friends, sharing experiences, sitting around a campfire."

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Each specific trip page has a simple graph showing you the best climate & time fo year to travel and information of driving distances between cities and minimum recommended trip durations.