Although Adelaide is more the size and has the ambience of a large country town, it lacks nothing in cultural sophistication and diversity. Visitors wanting a slower, more relaxed pace to explore the many galleries, museums, cafes, restaurants, theatres, parks and gardens, will find Adelaide very pleasant. Adelaide could easily claim to be the 'events' capital of Australia, with its myriad of arts festivals, concerts, carnivals, conferences, exhibitions and sporting events. If you are a delegate or participant, in any of these events, you might consider a Campervan or Motorhome holiday, touring South Australia, before or after the event.
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Touring Trips out from Adelaide.

  The Barossa Valley, the Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills are amongst the oldest wine regions in Australia. Established in the 1840's they are rich in European heritage, culture and tradition. These regions produce some of the finest wines and cheeses in the World. They are very pretty places to visit with friendly, hospitable people, and talented artists and craftspeople. Great places to visit, taste wine and savour the culinary delights. The Barossa Valley is only a one hour drive north of Adelaide.

Kangaroo Island, just off the coast, south-west of Adelaide, is a haven for wildlife. Koalas, echidnas, platypi, goannas, penguins, fur seals, sea-lions, wallabies, and of course kangaroos, can be found in the 'wild'. Kangaroo Island is a flora and fauna paradise. There is so much to see and do on the Island, that a one day tour may not satisfy your love of nature and appreciation of beauty. You can take a campervan or motorhome onto the Island, subject to restrictions and conditions. Don't forget the camera.

Fleurieu Peninsula & The Coorong. The trip down the Fleurieu Peninsula to Victor Harbour and then on to the Coorong National Park, is one of great contrasts in scenery. From lush green vineyards with rugged coastlines and blue ocean in the background, to fishing villages, and the vast sand dunes and estuaries of the Coorong, will delight the visitor's senses. The Coorong is a wonderful place to just sit back and relax, and observe the abundance of migratory birds. Don't forget the binoculars.

Yorke Peninsula. They say that the best places to go for holidays are those where the locals go. The Yorke Peninsula is very popular with South Australians. Perhaps it's the abundance of seafood delicies; or beautiful beaches to swim, surf or fish; maybe it's the natural attractions, wildlife and secluded beaches in the Innes National Park; and what about the friendliness of the locals? All this can be found just 90 minutes from Adelaide. Don't forget the fishing rod, a good book and walking shoes.

Flinders Ranges. A trip into the Flinders Ranges is to experience the the real Australian 'Outback'. First time visitors to the 'Outback' are usually stunned by the sheer beauty of the landscape and the lack of pollution. And the colour of the sky, the earth and trees is so vivid, it's almost surreal. A popular destination is Wilpena Pound: a truly remarkable natural amphitheater, ringed by mountains, with the appearance of a giant crater. This trip is also an introduction to Aboriginal culture and their art.

Eyre Peninsula. Some people like the busy holiday periods where they are amongst lots of other holiday makers enjoying their break. Then there are those who really want a 'getaway' holiday. Because the Eyre Peninsula is further away from Adelaide, it is much quieter; but with everything that the other regions have to offer. Of special interest is the opportunity to swim with sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay; and then the next day, experience the 'Outback' as you drive through the Gawler Ranges.
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