Broome. When you think of magnificent white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, swaying palms and the sun setting over a shimmering ocean, you think of exotic destinations like the Seyshells or the Maldives. Broome, on Australia's far north-west coast, is equally as beautiful; but even more so. It is an area of dramatic contrasts in landscapes and colours. A town built around a romantic pearling past and a unique character moulded by its multicultural past. Visitors have the choice of spending their holidays relaxing on the world famous Cable Beach or getting out and exploring the rugged and remote 'Kimberleys'. You can do both from the comfort of a Campervan or Motorhome.
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Tours and Touring Trips out from Broome.

Although the main highway to Darwin will get you to some of the main attractions, there are others worth visiting which necessitate going off sealed roads. You can hire a 4wd camper, a 2wd Campervan or Motorhome and separately book guided tours to those places, that are only accessible by 4wd vehicles.
Beagle Bay and Cape Leveque. The 'road', or should we say track to Cape Leveque is very rough and the journey is long (up to 4 hrs); however the reward at the end of the journey is described by some as "the most beautiful place on earth". Clearly it makes sense to go on a 4wd tour with guides who know the area and the local aboriginal people and culture. Tours call in at Beagle Bay to see the Sacred Heart Church with its mother-of-pearl shell altar. And Cape Leveque? ..... simply astonishing!
Derby is two hours north of Broome. You know you have arrived because of the distinctive Boab trees that dominate the town's streetscape. Located on the edge of the vast King Sound, Derby has the highest tidal range of any port in Australia; hence the height and length of the wharf. In town, 'Ngunga Designs' gives the visitor an insight into the art and culture of the Aboriginal people. The stunning colours of the Kimberleys are reflected in their art and transformed onto fabrics and garment . There are a great variety of tours that leave from Derby, such as flights over the Buccaneer Archipelago and over the tidal phenomenon referred to as the 'horizontal waterfall'. 4wd tours of Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek also leave from Derby.
Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek. Up to 100 metres high, the sheer walls of the Windjana Gorge are a spectacular sight. There is an easy 3.5 km walking path through the gorge with many excellent photographic opportunities. 30km south-east, Tunnel Creek flows through a water worn tunnel beneath the limestone of the Napier Range. If you are adventurous, you can walk 750 metres through the tunnel to the other side of Napier Range, wading through several permanent pools and watching for bats and the stalactites that descend from the roof in many places. Great thing to do; but recommended as a guided tour. You also see and learn more that way.
Fitzroy Crossing & Geikie Gorge . Sealed roads make Geikie Gorge the most accessible gorge in the Kimberleys. Just 20km from Fitzroy Crossing, the gorge clearly exhibits evidence of the might of the Fitzroy River. In the wet season, the river in flood can rise some 16 metres above normal levels. This annual event has bleached the walls white and looks brilliant contrasting against the reddish walls above and the deep blue of the river below. Wildlife abounds, including freshwater crocodiles which are not generally considered to be a threat to humans if left undisturbed.
Halls Creek. Halls Creek is nothing to write home about; but has some good attractions nearby. Close to town is 'China Wall', a sub-vertical quartz vein protruding out of the ground and extending over a hill, looking like the Great Wall of China. Further out are the remnants of the original town which was the home to the first gold discovery in Western Australia. 45km out of town is the spectacular Palm Springs. It is an oasis, complete with palm trees, a fresh water spring and an abundance of wildlife.
Bungle Bungles. Purnululu National Park is famous for the Bungle Bungle Range. This astonishing range comprises 200-300 metre high sandstone domes with alternating, hoop stripes of black and orange. From the air, these bee-hive like structures are so breathtaking, they could almost be computer generated out of a movie. On the ground and close up, they are simply awesome. You can get flights over the Bungle Bungles from either Halls Creek or Kununurra. 4wd tours can be arranged from Kununurra.
El Questro & Emma Gorge. El Questro Wilderness Park is without doubt, one of the world's unique holiday destinations, providing the visitor with a truly Australian holiday experience. El Questro is a million acre working cattle station with approximately 5,000 head of cattle. For a special treat on your journey, a night at the Emma Gorge Resort, in a tented cabin, is wonderful interlude. The gorge has a spectacular waterfall and swimming hole and the resort has an excellent bar and restaurant. Because of the access to El Questro being 4wd only, GoOzGo recommends that you book a tour out of Kununurra (100km away) and stay a night or two at the Emma Gorge Resort.
Wyndham. There is probably not a great deal to attract the tourist to Wyndham. It is the most northerly town in Western Australia and is quite isolated. It does, however, have one of the most spectacular lookouts in Australia, with superb views over 5 rivers entering the Gulf through vast mud flats. O.K. Now that you want to visit the lookout, you might as well have a have your photograph taken with the ‘Big Croc’, in the main street and watch and feed crocodiles at the Zoological Gardens and Crocodile Park.
Kununurra. Describing Kununurra is like leaving the best to last (apart from Broome). The local Aboriginal people appropriately call this place Kununurra, meaning: "The Meeting Of The Big Waters". Kununurra is virtually surrounded by water with the largest expanse being Lake Argyle. Tourism Western Australia sums it up perfectly: "With sizzling red soil, wide open blue skies and rugged bush scenery, this place will enliven your senses." There are so many places to see and things to do. From here you can take tours to the Bungle Bungles and El Questro, and visit Lake Argyle, Mitchell Plateau, Ord River and the Argyle Diamond Mine.
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