Darwin. Having survived devastating cyclones and bombing during World War 2, Darwin emerged as a city with great character and great characters. Darwin still has that energy of a 'frontier' town, yet has a 'laid-back', tropical, 'always-on-holiday' feel. Darwin is a wonderful mixture of indigenous and Asian cultures, evident in the arts, crafts and especially food; all of which can be sampled at the Mindle Beach night markets. There are a lot of things to see and do in Darwin; but you will be wanting to get in your campervan or motorhome and experience the spectacular natural attractions of the Top-End.
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Tours and Touring Trips out from Darwin.

Kakadu National Park is almost 20,000 square kilometres in size and is World Heritage listed. This place is of great significance to the Aboriginal people as they believe it was created by their ancestors. It is believed that the Aboriginal people have lived in Kakadu continuously for at least 50,000 years. There are places in the park where you feel this 'spirit'. Walking around the base of Nourlangie Rock can be quite eerie. It's like walking into an empty cathedral - it should be respected by visitors. At the end of the walk is the most staggering cave paintings believed to be amongst the oldest rock paintings in the world. Travelling around Kakadu you can see why it has become one of Australia's top tourist destinations. It is a place of immense natural beauty; teaming with wildlife and plant species. A boat tour on Yellow Waters Billabong is the perfect way to view the amazing number and variety of birds, and to spot saltwater crocodiles. Sunsets from the viewing platform are a photographers dream. There are lots of fantastic, escorted tours from Jabiru; such as 4wd tours to the spectacular Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls.
Litchfield National Park is an easy one and a half hours drive from Darwin, with all the major attractions, including 3 major waterfalls, being accessible by sealed roads. These waterfalls are spectacular in the wet season and provide wonderful waterholes, in which to swim, in in the dry season. Other attractions include lush monsoon forests, termite mounds, unusual rock formations, walking trails and shady picnic spots.
Katherine is a town steeped in the history and early settlement of the Northern Territory. Today Katherine is a modern town servicing the region, and for tourists using it as a base from which to experience the magic of the 'Top End'. There are a number of attractions in and around town worth visiting such as: the Katherine Museum, Old Train Station, School of the Air and Springvale Homestead. Just out of town are the Cutta Cutta Caves; a limestone formation of stalactites and stalagmites and home to the almost extinct Golden Horseshoe Bat.
Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park Just 32km out of Katherine is the impressive and very popular Katherine Gorge. It would be more correct to call it Katherine Gorges as it comprises 13 gorges separated by rocks and boulders that become more exposed towards the end of the dry season. The Gorge can be best viewed by cruise boat or by canoe; a quiet way to observe, without disturbing, the wildlife. There are walking trails in the park and lots of spots for a picnic and refreshing swim.
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