Have you been told where to go?

A major consideration in planning an RV, Campervan or Motorhome holiday in Australia, is the distances between major cities and what you are likely to see along the way. On some roads you can travel for hundreds of kilometres, through monotonous countryside, without seeing anything of interest.

Another important factor is that most of the vehicles are not permitted to be driven on unsealed roads. This should not be considered as limiting your choice of places to see. As Australia developed, the best places to see and experience became popular with holiday makers. Roads were built to these holiday destinations and the most popular tourist routes and roads to natural attractions were sealed. This is also the reason why holiday parks are generally located in the best positions; many adjacent to beaches and lakes.

Considering that your vehicle pick-up and drop-off locations are in the major cities, GoOzGo has developed an Interactive Map showing the 11 most popular tourist routes. If you prefer to make a city your base, we have maps and information on shorter trips out from and returning. Click on the tabs to the right of the interactive map.
GoOzGo's Interactive Map: The interactive map below is easy to use. By slowly moving your mouse pointer over the 11 most popular tourist routes, each route will be highlighted showing distances, best time of the year to travel, and minimum recommended trip duration. For further information on a particular route, click on the route when highlighted. For shorter trips out and around cities, 'click' of the city tabs on the right.

Considering the most ideal all year around climate, relatively short driving distances, and great variety of things to see and do, GoOzGo has chosen its Favourite Holiday Destination.

If you request a quote through GoOzGo and indicate your preferred tourist route or destination, we will email you a detailed list of website links specifically related to your choice. This will make it easier for you further plan your holiday, book holiday parks, preview attractions, and give you more detailed information.